Day One

Yesterday was our first day on the Abundance Diet. We had prepped a lot of things already, so that made putting things together so much easier! Plus, it was kind of fun to spend all of Sunday afternoon in the kitchen with Nick! We had a movie going on the computer and we each took a few tasks and went for it.

Here is what we had!

Tropical Collada Green Smoothie (1 serving = 1 quart)
Abundance Diet - day one
I’m SO not used to drinking so much! I’m one who struggles with drinking water everyday. But this smoothie had a nice, tropical flavor (even though I forgot and used cashew milk instead of coconut milk) and I found it tasty and refreshing. A great way to start the day!

Lunch: (salad & soup)
Falafel Salad with Quinoa Tabbouleh & Tahini Cream Salad Dressing
Abundance Diet - day one
This is one tasty salad, friends. YUM! I made all of the components on Sunday and warmed the falafel through with a quick 25 second zap in the microwave. So, so good. The flavors were complex, and the tabbouleh was refreshing. I can’t wait to have this again later in the week!

Quinoa Minestrone:
I forgot to snap a picture. Whoops. Actually, what happened was that I was talking to my bestie and warmed up a mug to have while on the phone. I also didn’t eat this until about 3:15. A great boost in the afternoon! I’m usually very picky about vegetable soups – I find them to be bland – but this one was super tasty and full of flavor! I won’t mind one bit eating this again this week.

Snack: Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip with veggies
You are allowed a snack everyday, and surprisingly enough, we didn’t make it. I thought for sure I’d be starving and need something, but both Nick and I were content with what we’d already had all day and were just ready to have some dinner. We will be making this sometime this week – in place of another snack – because I’m really excited to try it!

Dinner: Roasted Tofu and Vegetable Stir-Fry
Abundance Diet day one
I love me a good stir-fry and I have high expectations on the flavor that I want. This one hit the mark. I did take her advice and add more red pepper flake and a couple extra cloves of garlic for a bit more of a kick. I was a little anxious about eating a bowl of veggies with tofu and no rice or quinoa (which you can totally have if you’d like, we just didn’t want that hassle of making anything else), but I couldn’t even finish my bowl because I got full! The veggies are cooked crisp tender and the tofu is spot on. It’s baked and it gets a great crust on the outside with lots of great texture. This meal provided Nick with plenty of fuel for his doubleheader softball games last night!

Thoughts for day one: I really expected to be more hungry, but I was completely satisfied all day. Also, as a person who is not used to consuming so much liquid and water, I spent A LOT of time in the bathroom, ha! Gotta get rid of those toxins somehow. This meal plan takes planning and preparation, but so far I’d say it’s worth it!