Day Two

Nick and I both had to fast Monday night into Tuesday morning for a health screening with Nick’s work for our health insurance, and so we were both very ready for our breakfast smoothie! After getting my blood work done and running to the library, I got to spend some great time in the kitchen getting some things ready for tomorrow. I really enjoy that it gets me into the kitchen a bit more. I’ve always been much more of a baker, and so it’s fun to start cooking and to try some new recipes.

Here’s what we enjoyed yesterday!

Razzleberry Lemonade Green Smoothie (1 serving = 1 quart)
Abundance Diet day two
This smoothie was made with water, so it was much easier to blend than yesterday’s smoothie! There is always the option of adding a few drops of liquid stevia, if desired, but so far I haven’t had to add anything. The berries gave it nice flavor, and the lemon gave it a great hit of acidity. Next time I’d probably add 1/2 a lemon as opposed to just the 1/4 lemon for a bit more kick.

Lunch: (salad & soup)
Greek Chickpea Chopped Salad & Tofu Feta
Abundance Diet day two
This salad was packed with cucumber, tomato, chickpeas and romaine. The balsamic vinaigrette had a nice kick of heat from the garlic which gave it awesome flavor. This salad was SUPER filling! I couldn’t quite finish all of it. The tofu feta adds a great texture and was super simple to make.

Creamy White Bean, Potato, and Kale Soup with Mushroom “Sausage”
Abundance Diet day two
Let me just start by saying that soup is incredibly hard to photograph! 😉 Moving on, this soup ROCKS. The mushrooms are cooked down to resemble sausage and they completely deliver! The kale adds a nice texture to an otherwise fairly creamy, one-texture soup. It’s got deep and complex flavor and this will be something we definitely make A LOT in the future. Tasty!

Homestyle Mexican Casserole with Fire Roasted Salsa
Abundance Diet day two
I had the cashew sour cream already made (it’s used in a lunch item for day three), and this afternoon I whipped up THE EASIEST salsa ever to go with dinner. The Mexican casserole was a major hit with both of us. It was full of flavor and the hit of salsa and sour cream made it even that much more delicious. Our favorite part was that this is something we’ll only eat once more, and so we were each able to eat 1/4 of a 9×13-inch pan! Dude! The only thing we were missing was something crunchy to go with it – maybe jicama or something like that to mimic a chip? But Nick said that this dish was “incredible”. It was definitely a win.

Thoughts for day two: we didn’t have today’s snack as Nick and I both seem to be satisfied throughout the day. The hardest time of day would be right when Nick gets home while dinner is working or we start putting it together. I still want to enjoy that spinach and artichoke dip, though, so I’m planning to have that ready for when Nick gets home today (day three) and then we can snack a bit while making dinner together. The plan seems to be keeping our energy level consistent throughout the day. This is really great for Nick who is in an office all day long. We’re still learning a bit of how to make everything work for us, and are staying flexible with any changes that would conform within in the plan.

See you tomorrow!


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  1. I’m really enjoying following along! Soup is always so hard to photograph, but yours looks delicious. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of the spinach and artichoke dip. I haven’t tried Somer’s recipe yet.

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