Day Three

Hey Everyone, it’s Nick… I’m going to finally add in my thoughts in writing.  I’ll change it up a bit, but follow the format that Jacks has put in place.  We all like consistency after all.  I am going to tell you all this now, this is no kidding the ABUNDANCE diet.  Seriously, I can’t even begin to put into words how much food there is to eat.  And I’m not hungry like I had been previously, heck today I had to kind of force myself to eat my salad in the afternoon.

ChocoNana Green Smoothie (1 serving = 1 quart)
Abundance Diet day three
This is my favorite so far!  I think we’re saying that each day, but honestly, how can you not love a Chocolate Banana smoothie when you’ve got the permission to go add some Peanut Butter or PB2 powder into it.  I’ve kind of missed my peanut butter but not overly so.  This really hit the spot, no sweetener added, it was simply divine.  I would likely drink this every day, but you know rounding out the nutrition that we get in a week is a good thing.

Salad: Vegan Egg Salad over baby greens with gluten free Cheesy Crackers Abundance Diet day three

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this salad.  Also keep in mind that I wasn’t overly hungry when I started in on it.  Another win for Somer.  You’re likely going to get sick of hearing this over the course of our review.  I can’t say that I’ve gone through a cookbook before for so many recipes without finding something that wasn’t really good.  Even my favorite to date Isa Does It has had a flop or two for us.  The tofu certainly had the consistency of a hard boiled egg, and the sauce was a very good compliment. It was very dilly and creamy, and went good on the lettuce.  Jacks even told me that she “normally doesn’t like salads like this, but thought that it was very good.” The cheesy crackers were nice, I think we might try baking them a bit longer to get them a bit more crispy. The nooch gave is a great nutty/cheesy taste, though I felt as though it destroyed my breath afterwards.  🙂  I wouldn’t have needed the crackers with the salad, but loved the variety.

Lightened-Up Vegan Laksa
Abundance Diet day three
Talk about a soup that packs a punch of flavor.  This is what you would want from an asian soup, you get all the elements, sweet, salty, umami, spicy and a sour punch.  It’s really a lighter version of a peanut broth with some kick from curry paste.  I personally screwed up and got us the wrong type of noodles… We’re going to have to go to the asian market and find real thread noodles.  We ended up using black bean super thin noodles, which worked, but didn’t really compliment the soup at all. The cabbage really fills you up though.  We’ll come back to this one though, just like many others.

Snack: Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip Abundance Diet day three

We finally made it, can you believe it?  We were only supposed to have this Monday.  Jacks had it ready for us to nosh on when I walked in the door.  Perfectly cheesy and it has the same mouth feel and taste as the high fat ones you find in a restaurant.  We would have no concerns serving this to guests.  We used cucumber and cauliflower as our dipping vessels…  I liked both, but I’m on a search for something more fitting. Oh and the Moxerella… Amazeballs.

Cheesy Cauliflower and Potato Bake
Abundance Diet day three

Woah buddy, this is one crazy hot dish.  Yep, I’m calling it a hot dish.  I’m a good old Minnesota boy.  Again I feel like I’m eating a boat load of cheese.  What’s not to love about that.  The craziest thing about this recipe is that it totally has a ham smell going on and a bit of the taste as well.  I’m guessing it was the smoky paprika.  Whatever the case, it’s great.  Go out and make it!

So wrapping up the day, its been another really good day.  I don’t feel like we’re on a diet at all.  Its proving to me how easy it is to get a lot more vegetables and whole foods into our rotation.  And we haven’t really had sweet tooth cravings which is saying something.  I’m really looking forward to the desserts for the weekend as I think that’s going to be an amazing treat based on how everything else has been.  Back to the thought above on forcing myself to eat the salad, I’m sure that I could have skipped it, but I do think it’s important to get the nutrients that Somer has worked out. I’m not doing this to lose a lot of weight, I really just want to have better nutrition. Looking forward to keeping on with the plan.