Day Four

This is the point on the plan when we “eat on repeat” what we had on Day One. We kind of did things a smidge differently than she suggests in the book. Most of her recipes make 4 servings and so eating it twice a week for two people is easy to portion out. We decided to make Day One’s recipes as is as opposed to making a 1 1/2 sized batch. Therefore, we only have 4 servings to split over 3 days. (what you make on Monday you’ll eat 3 times, the others you’ll just eat 2 times) We’ll reevaluate at the end of the week to see if we need to do it differently next week. As Nick said yesterday, the portions are huge and abundant (ha!), and sometimes we feel like we didn’t even need all of the food. And we only made a snack for the first time yesterday! Besides, on the weekends you get “real” breakfast – not smoothies – and so I think that we’ll feel just as satisfied with the amount that we have.

Thoughts on day four: I remembered to use coconut milk in the Tropical Collada smoothie and it was SUPER yum! We felt full and happy today even with going for a 3 mile run after Nick got home from work. We went to see “Minions” (hilarious!) and even though the popcorn smelled SO GOOD, we were able to push past it and enjoy the show!