Day 6

This was our first weekend day of The Abundance Diet.  What that means is that while we did do some repeats, we got our first taste of a “normal” breakfast and we got a dessert.  Needless to say we were both excited about the prospect of both items.  That being said, I honestly missed my smoothie.  I have come to love the green smoothies.   I didn’t think I’d be in that camp, but they are such a great way to start the day.

So the majority of the day was a repeat of Day 3.  Everything was really good as a repeat, and this time we had the Laksa with the right type of noodles.  I was a big fan of that.  Onto the new items for the day.  Given that there were just two of us and the recipes make 4 servings, we cut them both in half.

Breakfast:  Florentine Tofu Scramble
Abundance Diet day sixThis was a fairly standard tofu scramble.  I’m pretty sure we didn’t have the right type of black salt, because we just didn’t get a whole lot of “egg” flavor.  That being said it was good but not great, we made the standard version.  I thought it was a little too sweet and Jackie thought the texture a little too one note.  We’d make it again, but I think we’d try the Mexican version and I might add some black beans in there as well to break up the texture.  Great way to get the veggies in though.  (As I said I missed my smoothie.)

Dessert:  No-Bake No Stovetop Cookie Bites Abundance Diet day six

Holy cow deliciousness!  It could be that we haven’t had anything similar all week, but this was like heaven.  The bars/cookies tasted just like a no bake cookie and a brownie had a baby.  It was perfectly rich, super sweet, and something that will serve nicely as a little treat.  And we in no way felt guilty about eating them.  Really very good.

Parting thoughts for the day:

We were both craving carbs today.  The book really forced me to think about why that was.  Some of it has to do with that’s just our normal weekend routine for snacking.  Some had to do with not drinking enough liquids.  We did have fun getting out, getting the dog for for a walk, hitting up our local farm stand, and then spending an afternoon lounging by the pool.  I think we both even looked better out there.  I’ve felt way less bloated whether that’s true or not.  We’re feeling good about the process.  Catch you all again soon.