Day Nine

Week two is off to a fantastic start. Now that we’ve done it for a week we know how to prep a little better which totally helps! We also snagged a few more glass Pyrex containers in various sizes for leftovers. The day started out a little dreary, but Olive and I set out for our morning walk so we’d be off to a great start. I love that little dog, but she is a ball of energy! Breakfast: (1 serving = 1 quart) Spotted Peach Green Smoothie Abundance Diet day 9 We couldn’t really taste the peach in this one. However, peaches are like avocados and are incredibly hard to pick when perfectly ripe. We used frozen peaches, of course, so maybe they weren’t the ripest when frozen. Anyway, the smoothie tasted very “green”, but not in a bad way. It was cold and refreshing, and so we still enjoyed it. Chia seeds are the spotted part. I thought maybe they’d be annoying since they weren’t blended up, but I didn’t really notice them. Oh my word. I realized I never added the banana to my smoothie. No wonder it wasn’t as creamy as every other smoothie! Ha! I just ate the banana later instead. Salad: Lentil Taco Salad with Roasted Red Pepper Dressing Abundance Diet day 9 This salad ROCKS. It’s a super tasty taco salad. I know you can’t really see it in this picture, but there is some lentil taco “meat” on there, too. The warm “meat” with the cool veggies was s great combination. The “meat” has great spice and adding a great big dollop of cashew sour cream (YUM) and fire-roasted salsa takes it over the top. I’m excited to eat this one again this week. Soup: Chipotle Corn Chowder Abundance Diet day 9 (sorry – bad picture!) This soup is spicy, warming and full of flavor. There is plenty of corn in the soup, so every bite is filled with yummy goodness. I went about halfway on the chipotle powder so it wasn’t overpowering, but had nice heat and spice. This would also be great with some diced potatoes! Snack: Oil-Free Hummus Abundance Diet day 9 We chose to make one of her suggested variations of hummus and went with the spicy peanut butter version. All you do is add hot sauce and tablespoon to the original recipe. Later I found out that I used too many chickpeas (Nick had made some in the pressure cooker) so the flavors weren’t super concentrated, but it’s still delicious with all kinds of veggies and the gluten free cheesy crackers. Main: Cheesy Herb and Vegetable Crust Pizza Abundance Diet day 9We’ll be honest, we were pretty anxious about this. A pizza crust made out of vegetables?! Ummmmmm….nervous. Would it be soggy? Would be flavorless? Would it hold together? Well, it was delicious! Not soggy – you could cut it up pick up a slice! – and had quite a bit of flavor. The vegan moxarella adds a nice creaminess, but it’s certainly not necessary. The homemade pizza sauce is also a winner. Nick said it tasted like the sauce that you dip your breadsticks in at Pizza Hut! (from what he remembers – it’s been years since we’ve had Pizza Hut) The recipe made 4 pizza crusts, so we have 2 ready to go for dinner on Friday. You can top these with whatever veggies you like or have on hand. It was also quite filling. I had to give my last bite to Nick! Thoughts on day nine: after the smoothie fiasco (ha), the day went well! We often find ourselves talking about what we’d like to do (menu/food wise) when the challenge is over. Will we go back to eating like we did? Stick to meals like this with only the occasional treat? We are both feeling so great and I love having energy to get me through the day. I don’t really have that afternoon slump of wanting to take a nap anymore! How awesome is that?? I can tell that my body is happy, and I like that.