Day 10

Day 10… seriously,  i can hardly believe it.  I didn’t really know that I had it in me to go this long without refined sugar.  I’m not as much of a sugar craver as Jackie is, but she has helped grow my sweet tooth.  I will say that there have been a few days that I’ve craved a beer, but that’s mostly because it’s hot and work has been a bit stressful.  It just sounds so good.  I’m hanging in there and my energy level is happier for it.  I’ve also not had caffeine in 10 days.  Still doing decaf teas because I can’t give it up, but I’m impressed.  Onto the food.

Blueberry Vanilla Green Smoothie (1 serving = 1 quart)
Abundance Diet day 10

So as you’ve been getting updates from Jackie, I’ve had some smoothie hiccups this week.  Nothing crazy, but I haven’t really had the home run hitters that I thought week one brought.  I might be packing my kale too tightly or it’s just been a pretty earthy bunch, but I haven’t really been able to get any of the fruit flavors shining through.  I attribute a lot of that to the frozen fruits this week just being of the milder variety.  They’re still great and give me all the go I need for a full morning of work.  Jacks says that she could taste the blueberries and the vanilla and she remembered all the components.  Good all around.


Hearty Vegetable Pasta Salad Abundance Diet day 10

Who doesn’t love a pasta salad  This takes me back to many a pot luck as a kid with my parents dragging me around and one of the things that I always went for was the pasta salad.  I especially loved it when there was cheese and peas in it, but alas those days are gone!  Frankly I see many of them now and get grossed out anyway, they’re usually so gloppy with mayo and dressing that it just wouldn’t be palatable even if I was eating animal products.  Jackie wasn’t really all that excited about the balsamic vinegrette so we went with Somer’s advice and made a different dressing.  We went with the Goddess dressing.  It was really tasty, I loved the punch of salt from the olives.  We waited to dress it until right before eating it.  On our repeat day we’re going to put the dressing on early and see if it doesn’t soak into the pasta a bit to give it a little more time to marinate flavors.

Cream of Broccoli Soup

Abundance Diet day 10

My turn for admitting that I have a thing against texture or a soup of a certain kind.  Cream soups are one of those things.  I’ve never just had one plain before.  I’ve used them as part of a hot dish plenty of times, but on it’s own, nope.  I think back to those Campbell’s cans where it just plops out and holds it’s shape.  Who wants to eat that.  Lucky for us all this is none of those things.  It’s fresh, it’s really flavorful, it wasn’t off-putting in the slightest.  The chunks of broccoli were my favorite part.  I could have easily eaten a double portion.  


Raw Pad Thai

Abundance Diet day 10

I got to break out my new toy that I bought just for this moment.  We totally got a spiralizer.  I LOVE IT!  It’s so fun to use, it cuts vegetables into noodles, or chips.  I prepped the veggies while Jacks worked on the sauce.  My bad we didn’t have any limes and we forgot bean sprouts, so we were deviating a bit.  We used lemon in place of lime, and just forged ahead without the sprouts.  We went the optional route and used the Tamarind paste, that was a good call.  It gave that sweet/sour flavor that I love with thai food.  Once it was all together I can tell you all that it was delicious, but it didn’t exactly remind me of pad thai.  I’d make it again, and I polished off my whole bowl, but I’m not going to covert to raw after eating it.  🙂

So wrapping up the day, its been another really good day.  We’re happy that we’re doing this.  It’s making a difference in how we feel and we’re getting so much more in terms of nutrients.  I think there is a lot that we’ll incorporate day to day.  That being said I’m really interested in seeing how I can improvise next week while I”m on travel.  If any of you out there have whole food travel tips feel free to shoot them up.  I’m planning on hitting up my old co-op and just doing a bunch of salads likely.  We’ll see though.


3 thoughts on “Day 10

  1. It’s Amazing to see so many people giving veganism a try😊 the longer you stay eating this way, the better you’ll feel, trust me😄 when I’m travelling I usually bring mainly bananas, oranges, dates etc and maybe a couple of plastic lunch boxes with pasta or rice dishes inside😊

    1. I agree, I love that it’s getting to be more main stream. We’ve been vegan a bit more than 3 years. This is trying to kick the vegan junk food habit.

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