Day Eleven

Today was an eat-on-repeat day of day eight. Nick had a much better experience with his smoothie today – I think the blueberries we got at Wegman’s had more flavor than the others we had previously used. The Black Bean Burger salad was even better today. I’m not really sure why that was, but we both felt it was extra satisfying!

Nick and I have both lost some weight, too, which is definitely a perk! We aren’t doing the plan to lose weight; we really just wanted to be healthy, cut sugar, and eat more nutrient rich foods. We found ourselves settling into a routine before that involved a bit too much processed food. It’s definitely easy to grab a vegan veggie burger and some vegan cheese and call it dinner. I’m not saying that we’ll never eat those things again (hello, delicious!), but we’re definitely noticing a difference in how we feel with eating foods that are REAL. Sometimes it’s hard when we’re out running errands where before we’d grab a snack, or something fun to drink. It’s not really hard to say no to those things, but I think sometimes we just miss the fun or experience of it. I do miss my lattes! 😉