Day 12… are you serious? Can’t believe it

Hey guys, today is eat on repeat of Day 9.  It also happens to correspond to one of my 9/80 days.  I’m seriously loving this change in work schedule.  I’m sure I work more than I used to back in Cedar Rapids, but getting every other Friday off is such a treat.  It’s amazing to just be able to take an extra long weekend and do whatever we want.  Today we decided to get up a bit early and hit up Great Falls National Park.  It was such a lovely park.  The falls are beautiful.  We added a few snapshots in here.


Olive wasn’t really about posing for pictures, but I can assure you that she had a wonderful time.  (You can also see that it’s about time for me to get a new phone.  My camera has gone completely wonky.)
UntitledWe switched up the smoothie just a bit today.  The store was out of peaches so we bought some mangoes.  I thought it was a really good change.  Jacks thought that it had a little bit of a woodsy taste to hers. Abundance Diet day 12

My thoughts for the day are that it’s not as hard work as you might think. It’s really pretty easy, and then just being moderately active gets you on a road to feeling great and looking great. I’m enjoying the sun, I enjoy sleeping well (except for the fact that we have SO much liquid throughout the day that a full night is rarely able to be had) and I really enjoy not worrying about counting calories or whatever. All that being said today Jacks and I were constantly hungry. I’m not sure if it was the fact that it was a real day off and we had moments of boredom, if it was because we hiked so much first thing in the morning, or the most likely that we simply weren’t drinking as much liquids as we’re used to. We took it in stride though and just had a few more helpings of fruit and vegetables as snacks. When that’s all that you’ve got in the fridge it’s easy to grab some grapes or an apple as your snack.

I hope you all are enjoying following along and see how easy it is to incorporate whole foods into your routine.