Day Fourteen

Two weeks down, two weeks to go! We’re halfway there and we can’t even believe it. We started the day off with the last run of our C25K program that we were doing, and so starting the day with 4ish miles was a great start! After our run, and cool down walk home, we stopped and picked up the pups and took her for her walk. So, we started our day with over 5 1/2 miles of exercise! Needless to say, we were super hungry for breakfast!

Vegetable Pudla
Abundance Diet day 14
This thing DELIVERED. We finally got our hands on kala namak (black salt) and it totally gave the pudla that eggy flavor that we were looking for. This has the perfect texture – crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy in the middle. The veggies gave it texture and it was filling and satisfying. We will definitely be making these again. The variations you could make are endless!

After breakfast we prepped a few things for the upcoming week and then got ready for the day. We headed to Maryland to check out a new shopping center where we both found some great summer deals and had fun window shopping. We took our Black Bean Burger salad with us and ate it in the food court. (it was an eat-on-repeat day of day eight) Who says you can’t eat well when you’re not at home? We had the rest of Abe’s Hearty Lentil soup when we got home, played with the pups a bit and headed off to church.

Cherry Garcia Soft-Serve
Abundance Diet day 14
After dinner and more prepping for the week, we finally got to dessert! We’ve made nice creams in the past, but sometimes I find them to be lacking flavor and texture. We made the entire recipe (4 servings) and thought, “We can eat 2 servings of this! It’s bananas and cherries!” While we did eat 2 servings each, we were both SO full afterwards. Bananas have a lot of fiber, yo! The addition of the cherries, and a few mini chocolate chips, made this taste extra yummy with an awesome texture! It definitely tasted like soft serve. YUM. Makes us so excited to try all the other varieties!!

Thoughts on today: like I mentioned, we can’t believe that we’re already two weeks in. We’ve both lost several pounds, which is just an added bonus. We do, however, that we find we don’t drink as much water on the weekends. You think that we’d drink more because we’re home, but somehow we don’t. That makes us both feel a little bloated, but by Monday we’re back into the swing of things.