Day Fifteen (week three, day one)

We’re switching things up just a tad this week. Meaning: we’re switching two of the main dishes this week. Nick is traveling for 3 days so we tried to make it as easy for him to take some things with him, and for me to eat alone. Nick was able to pack 2 of the salads, and one of the main dishes. We talked about lots of ideas of how he could stay on the plan while away, so I think he’s going to do just great! Olive is always a bit antsy when Nick isn’t here. She’s used to him being at work everyday, but when he doesn’t come home at dinnertime, I can tell she misses him. I feel like she’s asking, “you mean it’s just you for 3 days??” in this picture!

Breakfast: (serving = about 1 quart)
Apple Pie Smoothie
Abundance diet day 15
This one definitely tastes like apple pie! It’s super cinnamon-y (I might add a touch less next time), and because you use fresh apples, it still has a little texture to it. You sweeten it with a single date, which didn’t quite get blended completely, but it too added a little bite of tastiness now and again. We also grabbed a bag of “power greens” from Costco this week for our smoothies. It’s a mixture of spinach, kale, and swiss chard. I like being able to get so many nutrients in my breakfast!

Asian Cabbage Salad
Abundance diet day 15
I was excited about this salad. It didn’t have the fried, crunchy wonton strips, but the flavor definitely delivered. It was sweet from the oranges, and creamy and a bit salty from the sesame dressing. You have to supreme an orange for this recipe, and I knocked it out of the park! I feel like a fancy chef or something! This would be good with lettuce instead of cabbage, but I really enjoyed the crunchiness of the cabbage. And the edamame was a nice addition.

Cheesy Smoky Spicy Black Bean Soup
Abundance diet day 15
Remember how I said I was a little iffy with soup? I was a little anxious about this one because I’m not really a huge black bean soup kind of gal. I think it always looks a little strange and it’s always so thick. But I powered on and made the soup thinking that I haven’t been disappointed yet, so why worry? It’s got a nice smoky flavor because we charred the onion and peppers. The cheesy part is from nutritional yeast, so it’s got a cheesy flavor, but not in a fake vegan cheese kind of way. I was surprised how much I liked this soup! The peppers that we chose (we couldn’t find anaheim peppers anywhere!) must have had some heat, because the soup definitely has a nice spice. But topped with a hit of cilantro and a dollop of cashew sour cream took it over the top. Creamy, spicy and satisfying.

BBQ Tofu and Avocado Spring Rolls
Abundance diet day 15
Yum! These are awesome. And anything with a dipping sauce is a win in my book. 😉 These are the main dish we were only supposed to eat twice, but we decided to eat three times because it was easy for Nick to take them with him on his trip (he packed the dipping sauce in his liquid carryon bag!), and because we thought they would be easy to make as we needed them. The original serving size was 4 rolls, but we made it so we each get 3 each serving. (the recipe makes 16, but we stretched it to 18) These are filled with butter lettuce, avocado, carrot, cucumber, basil, mint and BBQ tofu. (which forgot the purple cabbage this time around, ha) They’re fresh, crunchy and extra tasty when dipped into the peanut dipping sauce. Spring roll wrappers are hard to work with, but Nick did a pretty great job at rolling these for us! We made them a day ahead and they stayed great in the fridge separated by parchment paper so they didn’t stick together. We also used brown rice papers as suggested in the book. We thought they might be hard to find, but we found them with no problem at Whole Foods.

Thoughts on today: it was a bit of a bummer to eat dinner on my own – this plan has definitely brought us together in the kitchen! I think that it helps that our new kitchen is much larger, but Nick and I used to have some major problems working together in the kitchen. I’m a bit of a rule follower when it comes to recipes and Nick isn’t so much. Now we have space to spread out, be together, and get things done! I’m also working on my water intake. That can always be improved. I felt very full and satisfied with the days meals and didn’t end up eating my salad until bout 4:00. We’ve got only one snack made for this week, but I didn’t feel like I needed to break into that. Feeling good!


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