Day Sixteen

I was on my own again today as Nick is still out of town. (He’ll be home Wednesday night) Olive let me stay cozy in bed until about 7:00 this morning – even though she started moving around about 6:00 – and we took off for our long morning walk. When we got back it was breakfast time for both of us. Although, I didn’t drool and get as excited as she did, ha! She’s missing her dad and it’s pretty darn hot, so she’s been a bit of a goober today. This was a new way of enjoying the new couch:

Breakfast: (1 serving = 1 quart)
Poppy’s Jaffa Cake Smoothie
Abundance Diet day 16
Do you know what a jaffa cake is? It’s a spongey type of cake topped with orange marmalade (or jam) and then covered in chocolate. What’s wrong with that?! This was serious on the orange – there were 2 of them! – and just the right amount of chocolate. It was citrusy, chocolatey and pretty refreshing. It took me a little longer to drink as it was super filling. But I suppose 2 oranges, 2 cups of kale, banana, and a bunch of other goodies will do that to you! I really liked this one. One of my favorites so far.

Chipotle Knock-Off Salad
Abundance Diet day 16
I know where Somer was going with this one, but it didn’t really taste like Chipotle. Does anything but Chipotle really taste like Chipotle? However, it was pretty darn good. I promise that there were pinto beans in there, but they kept settling to the bottom. I opted out of the oil-free dressing because I never use the dressing on my salad when I go to Chipotle anyway. The lime juice, along with the salsa and sour cream, did the trick at dressing this one for me. I could have used a giant dollop of guacamole, but I enjoyed what avocado I had.

Moroccan Lentil Soup
Abundance Diet day 16
I’m really glad that Nick reminded me to add a squeeze of fresh lemon before eating. It totally brightened up the soup and made all of the flavors pop. The lentils still had a bit of bite to them, which I was happy about, and the spices all worked together. This is the most popular soup on Somer’s website, and I understand why. Apparently, we’ve made this before, but I forgot. Perhaps my palate has changed, but I really liked it. (Nick said I “didn’t love it” before)

Healthier Shepherd’s Pie
Abundance Diet day 16
I could have used Nickerbocker’s help with this one. There were a lot of steps and I felt like I had a lot of pans on the stove, but I managed to get myself organized and get all the components together. There are no potatoes in this one – the topping is made out of mashed cauliflower. I wasn’t sure how I would like it, but I LOVED it. I ate a lot of lentils today, ha! There are mushrooms in the filling and they offer that meaty taste that you’d expect from a shepherd’s pie. The carrots and the peas offered a bit of sweetness that went well with all of the other flavors. I could have easily eaten 2 servings of this one.

Thoughts on today: I did so much better on my water intake today. I’m still not quite an 8 glasses a day kind of girl, but I’m getting better. I was super happy with the variety of flavors today, and I had all kinds of energy to bust out all of my errands. I feel like I did a ton of dishes today – my least favorite chore – but it was all worth it. Tasty, nutritious food sometimes takes a bit of time and dishes, but it’s all good in the end. I’m so happy that Nickerbocker will soon be home! It’s so much fun to have dinner together. I also didn’t break into the snack that we prepared for the week. I just didn’t feel like I needed it! I will break it out soon, though – I love tzatziki!