Day Seventeen

Olive and I got up and took off for our walk first thing. It was so humid that my glasses kept fogging up! GROSS. I’m still getting used to summer here in Virginia. I like that it’s hot – I feel that’s how summer should be – but sometimes the humidity is a bit much. But I’ll take super sticky summers if that means that winters will be mild! I am SO over winter. I’ve decided that snow is pretty from afar, but it’s not really for me.

Breakfast: (1 serving = 1 quart)
Creamy Mint Mojito Smoothie
Abundance diet day 17
Okay. I was not the least bit excited for this smoothie. When I saw that it was full of spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, mint, and avocado, I kind of wanted to run of the hills. I chose the option of adding a banana instead of an apple for added sweetness and creaminess. I also didn’t add as much mint as the recipe called for. You know how some people think that cilantro tastes like soap? I don’t think that mint tastes like soap, but it’s certainly a flavor that’s a bit too much for me. A little goes a long way for me. So I blended it up after adding the rest of the ingredients, and took a hesitant sip. Not bad, but not my favorite. I wouldn’t want to drink this one everyday. It’s very “green” tasting. I feel like I got loads of nutrients, but I really missed that fruity flavor that you get from most smoothies. This won’t be on my normal rotation, but it might be something I’d make every now and again.

The Ultimate Lentil Salad
Abundance diet day 17
This salad is SUPER filling. The lentils have a bit of a toothy bite and you can really taste the cinnamon. The radishes give a bit of heat and a nice crunch. This can be eaten at room temperature, or cold from the fridge. I chose the latter as we prepped it a couple of days ago. I like this salad, but it wouldn’t be one that I’d choose first in the future. But it’s certainly complex in it’s flavors and will keep you full!

Tomato Basil Bisque
Abundance diet day 17
This soup was super easy to make! It only took about 20 minutes and everything was good to go. I’m not really a big tomato soup fan so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it. (also, this made me want a big, gooey grilled cheese sandwich) I LOVE THIS SOUP. Who am I?! It tastes like creamy, dreamy pizza sauce. I felt like I was eating pizza soup! Well, minus the cheese and noodles, but go with me here. It’s creamy from the cashew cream and the Italian seasoning totally pops! Next time I’d probably add a little dash of red pepper flakes for heat. This soup is seriously so good. I’m thinking I might have to make this with a grilled cheese in the future! 😉

Cucumber Tzatziki
Abundance diet day 17
Holy tastiness! I probably could have cut the cucumbers in a smaller dice, but no harm done. It’s got nice dill flavor, and loads of creamy goodness. This is made with the cashew sour cream, so there was really not way it could be bad. It paired extremely well with carrot sticks. This would be awesome with falafel or a pita, too!

Cheesy Cauliflower and Potato Bake
Abundance Diet day three
We made this during week one, and I was excited to make it again. It’s so delicious! It’s cheesy, creamy and super comforting. It’s super easy to throw together, and it goes wonderfully with steamed broccoli if you have some on hand. Or any other veggie, really, would be great.

Thoughts on today: I still can’t believe that I drank such a “savory” smoothie and liked tomato soup. Just goes to show you that you can change your palate, and when you eat good things your body responds! I continue to surprise myself everyday. I’m proud of Nick, too. He did a really good job traveling and choosing the best choices he could to stay within our plan. What a guy!