Day 18

I’m back. As Jacks told you all I was off on a business trip earlier this week. I got back late Wednesday night and I sure was happy to be back where I could have ready access to the food we were eating. It’s difficult to eat whole foods with unrefined sugar while you’re away unless you decide to just eat raw fruits and vegetables. A great example was at Panera where I thought that I could get the spinach power smoothie… You know what though, it has the equivalent of 12 teaspoons of sugar in it and very little fiber. They basically use concentrates for everything. That was so disappointing. I know that I could have done vegan items just fine, but I really wanted to stick to our plan for 28 days. I’m feeling great so why not. I made it through, the best stop by far was Hu Hot. I was easily able to make a bowl full of veggies and get some things like ginger broth to give it flavor.

Well today was a repeat of Day 15.  I’ve got to say that I found the day to be quite good.  Could it be that I was just craving the plan again, I’m sure, but it was still tasty.  The Apple Pie smoothie has been one of my favorites.  I put in 3/4 cup of water and a 1/4 cup of coconut milk to give it some creaminess and apple pie ala mode feeling.  It was great.  Next time I’m going to add a splash of vanilla as well.  In regards to the salad and the spring rolls I just wanted to say that I actually packed both of those to take on the trip with me.  They did quite well, especially the spring rolls.  The salad got a bit watered down, but still was really nice to be able to have at the airport.  The spring rolls are wonderful, especially with the dipping sauce.  So much better than any that I’ve made myself before.  They’re some real winners.

Today Jacks and I also checked out our new Whole Foods store that just opened in Ashburn, VA.  It’s a beautiful store and I can’t wait to do some more shopping there and just hanging out in the pub/cafe area.  Good job Whole Foods.  We’re on the home stretch guys, its hard to believe.  It’s been a good ride and we’re benefiting from it.  Can’t wait to see where we go from here.