Day 19 – Only 9 days left… woah

It’s really been 19 days of whole foods and no refined sugar.  I can hardly believe it.  The Abundance Diet has been a great find for us.  Somer really knocked this out of the park for giving people an easy to follow plan that generally leaves you feeling very full and not having cravings.  Wahoo.  Today was a repeat of Day 16.

Here’s my thoughts on Day 16, seeing that I wasn’t here the first time.  The Jaffa Cake smoothie is absolutely fantastic.  I loved it.  It’s like drinking candy.  There is no sense that I’m actually having something that is healthy for me.  My one desire would be that it have a little bit thicker consistency.  I think next time I’ll use a frozen banana and that should do the trick.  We made up the dressing for the Chipotle Salad.  I thought the salad was very good and faintly reminded me of Chipotle.  I thought it tasted great, next time I’m going with the alternate suggestion and warming up the rice and beans.  I just think that will give me more of what I was looking for.  Very filling for a salad, I credit all the beans.  The soup is awesome.  I remember it from when we made it before, its so hearty, and warming to the belly and the tastes are complex and dance on the tastebuds.  We finished out the day with the Shepherd’s Pie.  Jackie knocked that out of the park.  Good job, and seriously how in the world that cauliflower mash came out so smooth and so tasty I have no idea.  This is where it’s going to get a bit odd, and I’ll have a lot of people question me, but I actually liked it better cold than reheated.  Its an amazing dish, and when cold it just seemed less dried out.

After dinner we went out and got our groceries for next week.  We like to work ahead and do date nights at grocery stores.  We’re so odd to most of the world.  Then we got home and since it was actually nice outside Jacks suggested we go for a run.  It was really nice, we both ran faster than we have as part of our program.  What a great Friday night.  We finished it off with watching Get Hard.

I want to get real with you all.  I know we’ve been touting how great this has been for us, and I wouldn’t change that overall opinion in the slightest.  Today however was a challenge, the first real one of our time so far.  We both really were having strong cravings of something sweet or in Jackie’s case salty and crunchy (i.e. french fries).  I’m sure a lot of it had to do with it being the weekend and that was our normal routine before.  But still it was a strong craving.  We got some roasted chickpeas with cinnamon and had a few as we left the grocery store.  It hit the spot and didn’t ruin our plan.  Just wanted to give you all a sense of reality that it really does make you think about what’s going on in your mind.  Have a great weekend everyone!


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