Day 20 – Bring on the weekend

Oh my how I/we love the weekend.  Weekends are always the best, I wouldn’t say I live for the weekend, but it’s just really nice to be able to make some different plans that we can’t do on a normal day.  Today is an eat on repeat of Day 17, but we’ve got the replacement of the smoothie with breakfast and we add in a dessert.  Pretty awesome stuff to be looking ahead to.  I’ll get to the food in a second, but first, we just had a really great day.

Jacks had a baby shower to run off to in the morning, she had a great time.  While she was off doing that I took our baby girl dog off for a mani, pedi and treats with her dad.  How great of a fur dad am I?  Here she is today sporting another find of the day, we accessorized her collar with this lovely flower.


After Jackie got back home we had the tomato soup for lunch and then headed out to Old Town Alexandria down in the district.  Oh my goodness, my favorite neighborhood/area of DC so far.  Its got a bit of the same feel as Georgetown but way less hoitey toitey.  We even photographed better than normal.  🙂  Perfect day for strolling around and looking at some shops and just enjoying the area.  We’ll be back, in fact we’re going next week.  We found a cute little dog shop that is going to do a dog ice cream social next Saturday.  Seriously, Olive is so spoiled.  Do you guys all spoil your fur pets too? Untitled

Onto the food, so this day brought us some overnight muesli (Apple and Chai Spice Muesli).  We were both a bit skeptical about this, but it did have some really killer ingredients going into it.  (We remembered to put it together at 11:30 PM… OOPS.  Oh well, it was easy other than the shredded apple.  We could have done the oats in the morning per the instructions, but we both thought that would make the oats too firm.  We dumped it out into bowls and topped with a whole heap of fresh berries and some of my raspberry sauce.  It was so good, gave me some of those carbs I was craving, and it stuck with me really well. I’d make it again for sure.


We didn’t so much eat the salad again.  The best lentil salad wasn’t really Jackie’s favorite, so I had a few spoonfuls of it today but we also didn’t feel the need for it while we were out and about.  We replaced it with an apple. The dessert addition for our day was the Blueberry Peach tart with Apricot crumble.  Yum, yum.  First off we finally got medjool dates.  Wow that makes a difference.  They’re so soft and chewy and super sweet.  Wow.  But when it came to the crumble, it probably wouldn’t have mattered, in fact we think they may have had too much moisture going for them for the crumble.  We didn’t really have a dry crumble like Somer called for.  It was pretty sticky.  It still baked up great though.  It made for a delicious, chewy very fruity dessert.  The crumble was something kind of like a chewy granola.  I really enjoyed it, and it kept growing on me.  Really good and a nice way to end off the food day. Untitled

Thoughts for the day, it would have been nice if we could have stopped in a pub or one of the restaurants while we were out and about, but we’re really wanting to stick this through to the end.  We’re going to be able to do it too.  I’ve got the resolve to make it happen.  😉  We had a lot of fun being out and about, and we got a ton of walking in today. Olive is awfully tired and agrees as well. Thanks for following along with us, I really appreciate having all you readers.


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    1. We really are. The area has so much to see and do, and it’s beautiful country. As with any new place making friends is difficult especially in such a transient community, but I think it’s going to be great.

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