Day Twenty-Three

Good morning! Yesterday was a great day! It was fun to have friends here – even if they had to leave right after lunch. *sad face* We made both J & M smoothies for breakfast (the same ones we were having) and they were both sold! They stopped at the store on their way home for smoothie stuff so they could make some of them at home! Love it. After dinner Nick and I ran to the new Whole Foods Market that opened up here in town. We had used up a bit with more people in the house and just needed to replenish a few things. Then we came home to prep the salad for day 24. There were a lot of steps, so it was teamwork all the way.

Breakfast: (1 serving = 1 quart)
Mango Madness Green Smoothie
Abundance diet day 23
This one is pretty similar to the spotted smoothie we made a couple of weeks ago. I used flax in my smoothie, and M requested chia in hers. Mangos have an interesting flavor to them – a little woody? – but the sweetness from the banana balanced it out. This one went down very easily and was a hit for all!

Curried Brown Rice Salad
Abundance diet day 23
This one definitely tastes like curry, so it’s a little on the sweet side for me. However, the veggies give it great crunch to go along with the soft, brown rice. This would be great for a party or a church potluck. We ate the salad cold from the fridge, but it would also be great served at room temperature.

Cheesiest Potato Soup
*ack! I forgot a picture of this, too! I blame being a great hostess! 😉 *
YUM! I love this soup. M had a bowl, too, and she thought it was awesome. Success! I love it when non-vegans love vegan food. There are big chunks of creamy potato, slightly crisp carrots, and a cheesy broth with loads of parsley. Mmmmm. I can’t wait to eat this one again. I left it chunky for texture, but you could easily puree the whole thing to make it smooth. She also says you can swap out the potatoes for broccoli to make a cheesy broccoli soup.

Grilled Eggplant and Zucchini Lasagna
Abundance diet day 23
Hmmmm. This wasn’t really our favorite. The flavors were good, but the eggplant was such a strong, awkward texture. Also, living in a townhouse doesn’t lend itself to having an outdoor grill, so it took me FOREVER to grill up all the veggies on the stove! Grilling definitely gave the veggies a nice flavor, and the grilled red onion was my favorite. Nick and I liked the overall flavor of the dish, but the eggplant was definitely the downfall. We’re already thinking of ways that we could use the general idea to make it again, but just with different veggies. We did, however, love the sauce that we found at Whole Foods. The recipe calls for an oil free (or low oil) marinara sauce. Whole Foods offers a fat free, organic sauce that’s really delicious! I highly suggest it.

Thoughts on today: dinner took FOREVER, but lasagna IS a labor intensive dish. It was really fun to have friends here who enjoyed our food, and took a few recipes home to try. Nick and I were talking about how we’d have to make our own menu next week. Say what?! It’s definitely been a treat not having to think about what to make.

Have an awesome day!


2 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Three

  1. I made the cheesy potato soup last night for dinner and it was amazing, so delicious! I served it with a sprinkle of the BBQ chickpea snacks. I am very excited for leftovers for lunch today!

    This will be my third day, but my second fully on the plan (the first I had some miso soup leftovers for lunch not from the book), and I must say I am already feeling a bit different. Yesterday I did occasionally get a sugar craving (and I do have a lot of yummy treats that I brought back from my recent US trip), but I just drank a bottle of water and it seemed to keep it at bay.

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