Day Twenty-Five! (Week four, day 4)

Seriously… Are you all sick of hearing us talk about this event yet?  I might be sick of reading the same type of posts for 28 days.  I’ve really enjoyed reading Jackie’s posts though so I’m sure you’ve all enjoyed all of them.  That being said there are only so many ways that we can tell you that we’re feeling great and all that.  And sometimes we get sick and tired of hearing about other people on Facebook tout about going sugar free for a certain amount of time.  I do think it boils down to whether people are complaining or if they’re just doing it to get sympathy.  Its much like fasting, just make your life be normal and happy in general circumstances otherwise your motives aren’t really pure.  I think for those of you that have been following along though, probably want the honest opinion as to how we feel.

Today I personally have been hungry ever since lunch… Perhaps the problem there is that I didn’t have my soup until 1:30.  It screwed up my metabolism’s normal processing of food.  I would also just like to have a cookie bite that we had back in week 1.  I know that wouldn’t ruin anything and we could totally do it, but we’re trying to stick it out to the end.  Overall this week has not been our favorite.  Its felt like the main’s have all pretty much been one texture.  We’ve really needed more of the crunch.  All that being said, today was a repeat of Day 21, the salad is simply incredible.  It was even better with the two extra ingredients that we left out.  I really should have taken a picture because it was beautiful as well.

Jacks and I both tried the variation on the smoothie that included cacao.  As you can see pictured below.  I loved it as did Jacks.  We didn’t add the cayenne, but hey, it doesn’t matter.
Abundance diet day 25

So back to my main thought that we’re really are kind of ready to move back to a little more variety. Our main thoughts to this point are that this way of thinking about food is going to be pervasive in our path forward. As long as the majority of our food grocery list is produce and beans/nuts than we’re winning. As Jackie said yesterday, I put together a menu for next week that actually stays pretty true to the ideas that Sommer put together. We’re excited for customizing and doing our own thing. We wouldn’t change anything though about following the plan and trying out all the really tasty food that is in The Abundance Diet. Looking forward to continuing to share our journeys with you. Hey if any of you all have some suggestions, please don’t hesitate to share.