Review: Shortstacks Gluten-Free Vanilla Pancake and Waffle Mix

I’m always on the look out for new vegan and gluten free items. Mostly because I know that it’s important to my Lil Sis (who recently went vegan – YEAH!), but because let’s face it – I don’t need to be eating as much wheat and overly processed grains as I easily could. I picked up this mix at my local Target store, and was excited to try it. There is no powdered milk in the mix, and there are both traditional and vegan options on the back. Besides, who doesn’t like pancakes or waffles?!

Shortstacks GF vanilla

To make up to 6 pancakes (I’m assuming on how large or small you make them) you use 1 cup of the mix, 1/2 cup of non-dairy milk (I used unsweetened vanilla coconut) and 2T of oil (I used coconut). I followed the mixing instructions and the mix quickly became a DOUGH. Not a batter. I was a little confused because it said to ladle the mix onto the hot griddle. I wasn’t really sure how to ladle on a glob of dough. Nick mixed in a bit more milk to no avail, and tried to cook them as best as he could. They came out like a flatbread. Maybe it would have worked better in a waffle iron? (I didn’t want to wait for the waffle iron to heat up) While the flavor wasn’t overly bad, it also didn’t blow my mind, and I didn’t really get the vanilla flavor at all. I’m not ready to throw out the towel just yet, but I have to say I was pretty disheartened when I was really looking forward to pancakes for breakfast! I can’t really say how their traditional mixes work, but this gluten free one needs a bit of work.


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