Taste Test Tuesday: Enjoy Life Muffin Mix

After snagging a few of the new Enjoy Life mixes, I couldn’t wait to try them! Sunday morning seemed like the best time to bake muffins because who doesn’t love lazy Sunday mornings? (I just love night church!) I decided to mix in about 3/4 cup of frozen blueberries because I love blueberries in pretty much anything. The directions were super simple – add water and oil to the mix, stir in any mix-ins and bake!

Enjoy Life muffin mix - 1

I had to bake them the full length of time because I added in quite a bit of extra moisture with the blueberries, but they were worth the wait!

Enjoy Life muffin mix - 2

These muffins were AMAZING! They were soft, flavorful, and great with a nice smear of Earth Balance. Any leftovers stay best in the fridge, and they don’t lose any of their flavor or texture. I love being able to make muffins from scratch, but this mix is great to have on hand. You could get really creative with flavors and mix-ins! If you have the chance to try this mix, I’d highly recommend it!