9 years and counting

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary. Marrying Nick was the best decision that I have ever made in my entire life. Not only do I love him more everyday, but he truly makes me a better person. He makes me want to grow in my walk with Jesus, be a better wife and love those around me in a greater and more personal way. He is an amazing man with so much to offer this world, and I’m the woman blessed enough to have gotten to marry him!

On our wedding day:
Wedding Cake

And today:
Enjoying a beautiful day!

Happy Anniversary, Nickerbocker! Here’s to many, MANY more wonderful years together! Oh, and lots and lots of yummy vegan food!!


8 and counting

Eight years ago, Nick and I said “I do”.

Wedding Cake

We’ve come a LONG way, baby!

Marrying Nick was THE best decision I’ve ever made. He is more than I ever could I have dreamed or wished for. I love you so much, Nick! Here is to the rest of our lives together! Happy Anniversary!