Happy Birthday, Nickerbocker!

Today is my favorite person’s birthday. It’s a bit of a bummer that he’ll be at work all day, but I DID send him to work with a dozen birthday cupcakes! (white cake with fluffy white buttercream, per his request – with sprinkles, of course!) Tonight we’re headed to Native Foods for dinner, and I can’t wait! It’s still so strange to me that I have places like Native Foods, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, IKEA, and Lush nearby! I don’t have to make a 3+ hour trip to Chicago anymore to enjoy these things. They’re all right here!

Anyway, I love you, Nick and I hope we have many, MANY more birthdays to celebrate together. You’re the best!

A man and his (distracted) dog


9 years and counting

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary. Marrying Nick was the best decision that I have ever made in my entire life. Not only do I love him more everyday, but he truly makes me a better person. He makes me want to grow in my walk with Jesus, be a better wife and love those around me in a greater and more personal way. He is an amazing man with so much to offer this world, and I’m the woman blessed enough to have gotten to marry him!

On our wedding day:
Wedding Cake

And today:
Enjoying a beautiful day!

Happy Anniversary, Nickerbocker! Here’s to many, MANY more wonderful years together! Oh, and lots and lots of yummy vegan food!!

Easter outtakes & a birthday to remember

Did you have a great Easter? We did! I had a sketch all morning at church so the morning was full, but everything went well. Wahoo! God is good. For a late lunch/early dinner (we like to call it linner) we had a potluck with some friends. There were 9 of us and LOTS of delicious food. We had a little bit of everything to munch on lots of laughs! We even broke out the croquet set and had some rousing competition. I am proud to say that Nick and I won the couples round! Yep. We’re that awesome.

Nick and I tried to get a few pictures of us on Easter because not only were we looking pretty cute, but it was just darn gorgeous outside and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. However, we’re not always so good at the selfies, folks. Oh my word.

So this shot wasn’t so bad, but there’s just something annoying to me about the neighbor’s SUV in the background.

Happy Easter!

We thought we’d give it a go without our sunglasses. FAIL.

Happy Easter!

And then, finally! One that was Instagram worthy, haha!

Happy Easter!

This week we also celebrated Nick’s 35th birthday. What an old man! Haha. I decorated the house with a birthday banner and balloons. Everyone needs balloons on their birthday. We also had a great time celebrating with friends at our favorite Mexican place. Lots of yummy food, tons of laughs and even a vegan carrot cake!

Happy Birthday, Nickerbocker!

Next week we’ll celebrate our 9th anniversary and my birthday! We thought we’d just group everything together and celebrate for weeks! I like it.

Happy weekend! Any fun plans?

Happy Birthday, Nick!

Today is my very best guy’s birthday. He is my best friend, confidante and a better husband that I ever could have imagined. Happy, happy birthday, sweets! I’m SO glad you were born!

Fisherman Nick

Here’s to many more birthdays together!