#blizzard #jonas

These two hashtags certainly were trending over the weekend here on the east coast! You know, I moved to Virginia thinking that I’d see just a little bit of snow over the winter, and laugh at how much people freaked out about it. But no! God certainly has a sense of humor! Evidently this area gets hit pretty darn hard every 5-6 years, and we moved the year that it was bound to happen. I have never, ever seen this much snow at one time. Now, being from Iowa I’ve seen my share of snow, ice, and cold, but this is something out of a movie. The final total for our city was 36.4 inches. 36.4 inches! I still can’t believe it.

We had plenty of warning for this storm, so we were prepared and got all of the necessities early in the week. I had to laugh on Friday morning because we stopped at Whole Foods on the way home from a doctor’s appointment, and the Califia case was demolished! There were maybe two containers of cold brew coffee left. I guess the vegans are afraid of running out of “milk”, too! Nick happened to have this past Friday off, and so after our Whole Foods run we ran a couple of last minute errands (not essential, but we had time, and it hadn’t started snowing yet anyway), and made sure to have lunch at our favorite Chinese place. We wanted some tasty leftovers!

We were just about 4-5 blocks from home when we started to see flurries. We got home, pulled the car in the garage (my car was safely tucked in at the town center parking ramp), shuffled everything upstairs and by the time we took Olive out a few minutes later it was full on SNOWING. They had said that the storm would start quickly, and they weren’t kidding! So after it started snowing it just kept snowing, and snowing, and snowing until late Saturday night. We woke up Sunday and it was beautiful. So white and peaceful. Thankfully, Nick had done his best to keep up on the driveway, so we were able to tag team it yesterday and get it down to the cement. It only took about 2 hours, but we did it! Oh! And when we sold our house in Iowa we left our shovels as part of the agreement. We bought one back in November thinking we’d never really have to use it. HA! Yesterday I shoveled it into a large rubbermaid and Nick hauled it over to the large mountain across the alley. (he also started a trend – all of our neighbors were seen doing the same thing shortly after!) I guess we might want to grab another shovel sometime in the future…just in case!

Now for some pictures!

After taking Olive for a walk on Saturday morning, Nick snapped a selfie in the middle of the action!

This is a view from our balcony – this was taken Saturday afternoon while the storm was still raging on!

Olive was a little upset with the amount of snow that covered the balcony. Her favorite spot in the house is her bed that sits right in front of the balcony door. And the snow totally overtook her view.

Nick had to make himself a seat to take a break while throwing some balcony snow onto the driveway below. (taken Sunday morning)

There are cars under there!

Oh, you know. Just a few drifts and mountains of snow…

I tried to get Olive to wear her winter hat yesterday, but she was not too excited about it.

A lot of friends wondered how Olive liked the snow. She LOVES the snow. She had experienced snow last winter in Iowa, but she’d never seen so much! She loves the snow, but on Saturday, the cold, biting wind made her mad. She just kept shivering. Once she caught on that she could go back inside as soon as she did her business, it was a lot better for everyone! But yesterday while we were shoveling, her friend, Millie came over to play and they wrestled and played in the snow in our driveway. She’s happy today to be back in her spot looking out the window keeping tabs on the neighborhood. 😉

Nick’s office is closed today, and he feels confident it will likely be closed tomorrow so he’s working from home. We have no way of getting out of our neighborhood anytime soon. The roads are still completely snow covered. Every now and again you’ll run across a path made by a bobcat machine, but overall? There’s no way to get out. It’s been a good reminder to slow down and realize that we don’t need to be on the go all time time.

Nick and I were laughing the other day that we’ll be those people that tell our nieces and nephews in years to come, “Well, when were living in Virginia and winter storm Jonas hit in 2016…” Haha!

Did you experience any part of winter storm Jonas? I’d love to hear about it!


Santa Paws

Our favorite local pet store The Happy Hound was hosting an Christmas event this last Saturday, and we were so excited to take Olive. She’s super social, and loves to meet everyone. They had adoptable dogs, the Grinch, Santa Paws, and all kinds of treats and Christmas-y things. She met so many new friends, and could not contain her excitement. We waited in a line a few minutes for her picture with Santa Paws, and I have to say, I am so happy with how they came out. They’re so funny! Olive is so expressive, and she was not so sure about a giant dog sitting next to her.

Here I feel like she’s thinking, “What in world is that? That is NOT a real dog.” Lil Sis said she was giving him major “side eye”.
Santa Paws - 3

Okay, so now she’s giving him a chance. Figuring maybe he can’t be too bad because Nick doesn’t seem to be afraid of him. 😉
Santa Paws - 2

Now I think she’s thinking, “Okay, I sat here long enough. I’m ready to go and sniff other dogs and eat stuff off the ground.”
Santa Paws - 1

We had such a fun time, and she totally passed out when we got home. It’s definitely super dog-friendly around here, and it’s so fun that there are so many great opportunities to get Olive out and about. It’s so great to see her having so much fun. 🙂

Day Twenty-Seven

I can’t believe our journey is almost over. As Nick asked you previously, “are you sick of this yet??” 😉 While I’m so happy that we did this plan, I have to admit that I am also ready to be done. Not because the food is lacking, but just because I miss the spontaneity when we’re out and about. We’re anxious to share all of our ideas with moving forward, but you’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s post!

We had plans to take Olive to Old Town Alexandria to a pet boutique that was having a puppy ice cream social. We got into town about 30 minutes before it was scheduled to start, so we took the opportunity to walk around, find some new shops, and just enjoy being together. Olive LOVED being in the city! She’s always a little crazy excited at first, but she seems to settle down quickly. She got to meet several other dogs along the way, and she did great at the pet store. They loved on her, and she loved her banana/peanut butter frozen treat.
Day in Old Town

We then headed out to Gravelly Point Park to have lunch (we packed our salads and some fresh watermelon). It’s a really pretty park along Potomac River that sits RIGHT NEXT TO Reagan National Airport. It was so fun to be outside watching the planes fly right over our heads! So cool. Olive loved it, too.
Day in Old Town

Since it was a weekend, we had a special breakfast and dessert to enjoy. For breakfast we had the Carrot Cake Waffles.
Abundance diet day 27
I wasn’t sure how I felt about this at first, but they grew on me rather quickly. The outside was crisp, and the inside soft and fluffy. (seriously, her gluten free flour blend is MAGIC) I didn’t taste the carrots so much, but the spices were pronounced and tasty. We topped these with a smidge of pure date syrup. Yum! We’ll definitely make these again!

After a great day, and some last minute grocery shopping for next week’s menu, it was time to settle in at home with our cozy pants. After enjoying the rest of Homestyle Mexican Casserole – with fresh avocado! – we were finally ready to dig into dessert. Nick made the Orange-Chocolate Silk Mousse in the morning before we left for the day so it could chill in the fridge and get nice and cold and set up a bit.
Abundance diet day 27
Wow. This mousse is fantastic. The orange flavor is subtle, but not so much that you can’t taste it. It’s just enough. This would be a great dessert to have with company, and you could easily mix up the flavors with other things like raspberry. Nick was so sad when this one was gone. That is always a great sign of a tasty dessert!

It was a really great day, and we had loads of fun together as a family. It was great to be able to pack up our salads and head out for the day. Having a plan about your meals definitely makes you eat healthier when out and about!

Red Rock Wilderness Overlook Regional Park

Nick and I are slowly getting used to our area and finding all the fun things that it has to offer! A new friend from church told me about Red Rock Regional Overlook Regional Park the other day, so Sunday morning after Nick and I did our couch to 5k workout and stopped at Peet’s Coffee & Tea for a beverage, we packed up the pup and headed out to the park.

It’s only about 15 minutes from our house, and sometimes I can’t believe that I’m only 15 minutes away from the Potomac River! Having lived in the Midwest my whole life, it’s just a new adventure everyday to discover all that my new home has to offer, and all of the things I get to experience!

We did the loop that was about a mile and half. Olive was having SO much fun, and loving every minute! There were some parts of the trail that were a little crazy, but we got right down along the bank of the river. The smell was a little less than fresh, but that didn’t stop Olive from jumping right in and going for a swim! Nick and I were laughing so hard because we’ve never seen her do anything like that before! She was so happy!
Red Rock Overlook Regional Park

We continued on our hike and got up a great overlook spot. It was a little cloudy, but it was still a beautiful view! (if you look closely in the background, you can see the mountains!)
Red Rock Overlook Regional Park

We had such a lovely Sunday morning being outside enjoying Virginia! While this park isn’t overly large, or have any extra amenities, it’s a great place to get in a good hike, and see some beautiful scenery. So far, Virginia isn’t too bad. 😉
Red Rock Overlook Regional Park