We did it! We took Olive in for her 8 week appointment on Monday, and she got the all clear from the surgeon. He said that she looks great, that everything healed beautifully, and that we can start conditioning her to get back to running and playing like she used to. We’re still doing weekly rehab appointments, and she’ll graduate on April 12th. We’re supposed to start incorporating a few minutes of a light jog/run with her and then do a cool down. I’m not exactly sure how she’s going to like doing it, but if we let her go from zero to sixty, she’s very likely to strain a muscle (or two).

She’s going to be heading back to the pet sitter (aka her favorite place on earth) next month while we get away for our anniversary, so we need to make sure she’s ready to play the day away with all of her furry friends! We’re visiting friends next weekend at the beach, so it’ll be really fun to see her playing in the sand and water again. She has always liked the water, but always been a little apprehensive, and we’re excited to see how she does now that she’s been doing hydrotherapy for 3 months. Although, at the beach there’s no peanut butter to work for. 😉

Still waiting for all the hair to grow back on her chicken leg!

Staying warm and cozy on a rainy day.

Thank you for following along on this journey with us! It’s been a looooooooong time coming, but we all worked hard and we made it happen! I can’t wait to share some of our adventures with you!

4 weeks (13 weeks)

We took Olive for her four week checkup yesterday with her surgeon. He said that she’s healing well, and that she no longer needs the sling assist while on walks. I’d say over the last week to ten days, she’s been using the leg normally, and is getting around much like her old self. We have started giving her a little bit more freedom around the house – mostly in the kitchen when we’re preparing meals or during the day when the sun is at it’s peak.

She had a 30 minute rehab appointment last week, and she did 8 minutes in the hydrotherapy tub. She was a wee bit apprehensive at first, but she quickly got into the groove. She’s been crushing her exercises at home, so we are very proud of her progress! She has an hour appointment this week, so we’re anxious to get back into the routine. We scheduled her eight week appointment for March 18th, and so we can feel the end is in sight!!

Getting that vitamin D!
Sooooo tired after rehab.
Playing with her pizza.

Thanks for following along on Olive’s journey!

Round two: two weeks later

We’ve made it two weeks since Olive’s second surgery! We took her for a check-up yesterday, and got her stitches removed. The doctor said that she’s progressing nicely, and that we’re on track for a good recovery. She had a rehab appointment right after, and it was good to check in and see how she was doing. She’s lost a few centimeters of muscle on her right leg, so we definitely have some work to do there. Because she still wasn’t using her leg all the time, we had to refill one of her pain meds so she could get over the hump and remind herself she can trust it again.

Because it was her initial rehab appointment for this leg, she got a session with the “fancy” laser again. I love when she has to wear the “doggles”!! She tried to act like she wasn’t really into it, but I could tell that the laser was working and helping ease some of the tension in her muscles.

Just a girl and her dad. 🙂

Joe Cool.


Our girl definitely has some work ahead of her, but we’re on it, and feeling positive!


Tripod is Olive’s current nickname. For whatever reason, she really doesn’t want to use her leg this go around. Last time we brought her home, and she used it the first day! The vet says sometimes it takes them a few weeks to make the connection that their leg still works, and that they can trust it again. We are just trying to encourage her to use her leg so she doesn’t have to hobble on three legs for the rest of her life. 🙂

She was in a lot of pain last week, but she seems to have made it over the hump, so thank goodness. She’s definitely been much more like her old self now as well. She’s much more perky and alert, and starting to get a little stir crazy. Thankfully we have some soft toys saved up and ready for her to destroy!

So cozy.

Next Monday is our first check up appointment, and the doctor will take out her stitches which will be great! She can go all day while I’m at home without her cone or donut (because I can make sure she doesn’t mess with her stitches), and her new Comfy Cone works really well for when we have to be gone. After her check up, we have her first rehab appointment. We’ll meet with the rehab doctor and set up her plan moving forward. She was doing so well with hydrotherapy, so I think we’re leaning towards that again. She is going to be so whooped Monday night! A lot of excitement will be had that day.

Going through this again definitely makes me love that little goober even more. Nick and I were just talking about how this is going to improve her quality of life so much, and we hope when she’s healed up she will have LOTS of adventure seeking years ahead! We also have a giant list of ideas we want to as a family when she’s able to venture out again. We can’t wait for spring to get outside and do ALL THE THINGS!