Vegan in the Cities: Day Three

Well, we finally made it. The last day of our most recent trip to the Twin Cities. Unfortunately, this day was our least exciting foodie day, but it’s worth mentioning. (You can find day one here, and day two here)

Remember how I said that breakfast was Nick’s favorite to eat out? You’d have thought we would have gone out to breakfast on Saturday, but apparently we dropped the ball and neither of us remembers what we did. I’m thinking granola bars or (vegan) muffins from Whole Foods or something. Not so exciting. But sometimes necessary on the wallet. 🙂

We did however, stop for coffee. We decided to hit up People’s Organic. We have eaten there in the past and thought everything was great, and we always love when things are organic, so we knew this was going to be a winner.

Morning Pick-me-up

The one on the left was mine. It was a Hemp Milk Coconut Mocha. Nick went a little more traditional and ordered an Earl Grey tea. I had never had hemp milk before, and I was a little nervous, but I figured I’d be adventurous and thought, “I’ll give it a whirl.” (bonus points for recognizing the quote!) It was delicious! Super creamy, coco-nutty and not too sweet. The hemp certainly give it a taste that I had never had before, but it is something I’d definitely order again. Nick said his tea was tasty. He’s a tea man, and he really did like this one.

We missed a few stores in the Mall of America, so we decided to stop by on our way out of town. Plus, I needed to grab a few gluten free cupcakes for Lil Sis for loving on little buddy while we were gone! (read: I needed another vegan cupcake) It got to be lunchtime, and to be honest, there aren’t really a lot of great (chain/franchise) options for vegans and the MOA. We finally settled on Stir Crazy. It’s an Asian Grill which we thought would be like HuHot or Genghis Grill. We LOVE HuHot, so we great hopes for Stir Crazy.

Stir Crazy creations

You can do a Mongolian grill type of dish (instead of a large grill, they have a bunch of woks) or order from a menu. Nothing on the menu really appealed to us, or was really a great vegan option. I liked the variety of veggies, and the option of tofu as protein. However, we were pretty underwhelmed. It didn’t help that our server was AWFUL, but as far as the whole meal went, it was pretty ho-hum. We’d go again in a pinch, but we’d never seek it out again. It’s definitely NO HuHot.

We had so much fun eating our way through the Twin Cities! We hope you enjoyed hearing about all of our tasty finds. We’re headed to Chicago soon, and can’t WAIT to eat our way around the Windy City!