High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! Today is a great day as Nick and I are headed to Chicago for the weekend!! I hope you’ve all had a great week and have lots of fun things planned for the weekend!

Here are my top five for the week:

1. Nick and I don’t do sweets throughout the week, so I like to go all out on the weekends, haha! Last weekend I made these awesome sprinkle cookies. YUM.
Sprinkle cookies

2. Nick and I went golfing Sunday afternoon. Well, he golfed and I walked along. We ended up catching up with a nice, older guy who was fun to meet. Nick looked like a true pro. ;)
Golf pro

3. Sweet, little Olive has to wear the inter tube of shame because she can’t leave a patch of her skin alone. (she had a staph dermatitis infection and she just kept messing with it) Monday afternoon she and I went to meet Nick for lunch. Olive was so tired out after our time at the park!
So sleepy

Those ears

5. We’re headed to see Rend Collective in concert tonight! We’re so excited!

Have a great weekend!

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Power Protein Bars (vegan & gluten free)

Nick and I recently found a fantastic and delicious protein powder from Arbonne. We have tried all of the big names on the market, and all of them left us feeling a little blah. They were chalky or gritty or had an unpleasant flavor. To be fair, we aren’t using protein shakes as a workout recovery, but it’s great to have breakfast or lunch on the go that is satisfies and keeps us full until the next meal. So far we’ve only ordered the vanilla, but we’ve been really happy with it. It’s super creamy and smooth and doesn’t have any weird aftertaste.

But this post isn’t about Arbonne, this is about protein bars. My Arbonne rep gave me a recipe and then I took it and totally made it my own! (with some great ideas from Nick, too) These bars are a great snack. Nick and I have recently decided not to do sweets throughout the week, so these are a great thing to grab when we’re feeling like we need something a little sweet that isn’t just empty calories.

Give these a go if you’re looking for a little extra hit to your afternoon snack. They’ll satisfy and keep you full! It’s a win-win.

Protein Bars (vegan & gluten free)

Power Protein Bars
1/2 cup vanilla protein powder
1/2 cup chocolate powdered peanut butter
3/4 cup equal parts agave nectar and brown rice syrup
1 1/2 cups gluten free steel cut oats
1 1/2 cups gluten free puffed rice cereal
1 cup nut butter (I used cashew, but any would work!)

Mix dry ingredients together until well combined. Slowly add wet ingredients until completely incorporated. Spread into an even layer into an 8×8-inch baking pan and refrigerate for at least an hour before cutting into bars. If you’d prefer, you can roll them into balls before refrigerating.

Protein Bars (vegan & gluten free)


High Five for Friday

I can’t believe it’s Friday. I mean, what?! This week FLEW by and I am feeling a little behind on everything, haha! While I might not have been ready for today, I sure am excited it’s the weekend!! We have some fun plans for Olive this weekend – TWO puppy play dates! We can’t wait.

Here are my top five things from this week:

1. Tuesday night was Olive’s second puppy class. She did SO great! We were so proud of her. She was exhausted after class that she couldn’t help but pass out in the car. SO cute.

2. I caught a BOGO at Starbucks with my sister on Wednesday afternoon and Olive was totally over coffee. She was more interested in taking a nap. I die.
Tired at Starbucks

3. My first official day at BSF was good. It was great to meet my group and get a better idea of how things work. It was so gorgeous outside yesterday afternoon that I needed to do my homework outside! I couldn’t resist. I love autumn!

4. Nick and I took a class last night at our co-op. Plant-Based Fall Feast. We enjoyed lots of yummy treats and some new recipes that we can’t wait to make our own.

5. And of course I have to be excited it’s Friday and I didn’t even realize it! Happy Friday to me!

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Have a fantastic weekend!

High Five for Friday

Having a puppy is crazy, y’all! I forgot what it was like to have a small, adorable animal with that much energy in my house. I also forgot about all of the nights of interrupted sleep! *yawn* Thankfully, Olive is sleeping for a good 7+ hours a night, so it’s been great not to have to set an alarm to take her out. She’s settling in nicely and she is the reason I’ve been MIA. My lil miss is taking up all of my time. And I LOVE it!

Here are my top 5 for this week!

1. Nick and I discovered we had some gardein Beefless Sliders in the freezer, and so we made them for lunch last weekend. SO GOOD! Even better when topped with Sweet Earth seitan bacon.
Beefless Slider

2. We had our 2 nephews and niece on Saturday and Sunday, and Sunday afternoon we took everyone for a hike at the park. We got our first family picture!
First Family Photo

3. I found our favorite seitan bacon from Sweet Earth AND Beyond Meat at my local Target. WOOT!
Target rocks

4. Olive is just so darn cute. And totally nosy.
Lil Miss Nosy

5. Nick and I enjoyed a night out to dinner on Wednesday night at our favorite Mexican place. It was great to get out, talk, and enjoy some delicious chips and salsa! He’s my favorite.

Have a great weekend! Any fun plans?

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